Sunday, April 29, 2012

Upcoming Month

Salam.. Sorry for the late update... Just came back from Kampung Boyan wash the eye.. hahaa.. *direct translation* Being busy lately with my work right now.. After work, just went to sleep and get to work again.. haha..

Anyhow, this upcoming month will be my birthday.. So kids.. Remember ya.. My birthday are on the 14th.. Anybody want to give me some present can email me first so that I can give my home address.. haha..

Thats all from me right now.. Nothing much to say after all.. Maybe tomorrow will got new idea to blog.. hihi.. Till then now.. Chao.. Salam..

Someone can give me this as my birthday present?! Anyone?! :D

Friday, April 27, 2012

Salam Jumaat

Salam.. Sorry for the late update.. My Sarawakiana Thursday entry will be extend to next week.. For today entry will be some special entry for Sarawak blogger.. hihi..

After finishing my Jumaat prayer at the Sprong kuching I came across two famous blogger.. hihi.. But unfortunately I never say hai to them both.. Maybe next time we will met ya.. :D Those two bloggers are from Sarawak.. Cute blogger I must say.. hihi.. Who they really are you all can click SITOK and SITOK.. One of them use red color dress and another one use pink color dress.. Hai Efa! Hai Zie! haha..

Ok.. Thats all from me.. Aaa.. Before I forget.. Today I received a wedding invitation from one of Sarawakian blogger.. The name is Umi.. You can click SITOK to view her blog.. The wedding will be held at Kampung Seleng Lundu.. InsyaAllah I will come to your wedding.. Umi just send me a beautiful wedding card..

Umi, thanks for the invitation card. :D

So, that is my story for today.. Thanks for reading.. Till next entry.. Chao.. Salam...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heavy Dinner

Salam.. Having a great dinner makes u feel happy.. But tonight I feel an astonishing stomach disorder.. Aiyyaaaa.. Want to go to sleep early but the pain is very agonizing... Feel sorry for my stomach.. 

When we feel pain, I like to think about happy thoughts that can remind me off the pain inside the body.. I'm thinking of a beautiful place like...

And at this moment I feel want to watch some movies to kill time... Like the movie..

Thats all in my mind right now.. I think I want to get some ENO.. Thanks for reading my blog... Till then.. Chao.. Happy Saturday.. Salam...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sarawakiana Thursday 04 / 19

Salam.. Pa kabar takrang ritok tek? Harap semuanya baik2 belaka.. Ritok mok cerita pasal gambar2 yang aku siarkan dalam entri wordless wednesday untuk ari marek.. Sesiapa yang lom tengok gik boleh klik SITOK dan SITOK..

Untuk gambar raket baru, sebenarnya ada banyak jenis2 raket d pasaran nektok.. Yonex Nanospeed 9900 adalah salah satu jenis raket yang ada d pasaran.. Setiap pembelian raket Yonex yang original takrang akan dapat waranti untuk 3 bulan.. Ceehhhh.. Alu promosi raket.. haha.. Nway, raket ya mempunyai ciri2 yang tersendiri juak.. Mun mok tauk boleh google.. Nektok banyak juak pengedar yang menjual jenama Yonex tetapi tidak asli.. Maksudnya tidak mendapat kebenaran dari pihak Yonex untuk mengeluarkan raket tersebut secara sah.. 

So, hati2 bila membeli takut kelak mun beli yang sik ori takrang sik puas hati bila men.. Sebabnya rasa yang berbeda bila beli yang asli.. Untuk gambar tali raket ya pun sama juak.. Ada juak yang tidak asli.. Banyak dah nektok keluar barang yang tiruan.. Biarlah kita menang memakai.. OK.. Asanya cukuplah untuk ritok.. Mun takrang suka dengan entri tok buleh klik +1 kat dibah ya... Ataupun tinggalkan komen.. InsyaAllah mun ada masa kelak aku akan balas balit komen takrang.. Sehingga bertemu lagi.. Chao.. Muahmuahmuahhh.. Sayang awak semua...

Asa takrang Lee Chong Wei k jenama apa untuk raketnya?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ell Wave

Salam.. Just another quick update.. I'm right now learning Ell Wave.. Not Ell Nano.. Elliot wave.. haha.. Elliot wave is just a form of technical analysis that some traders use to analyze financial market cycles and forecast market trends by identifying extremes in investors psychology, high and lows in prices and other collective factors..

The investors of this method Ralph Nelson Elliot was a professional accountant had discovered underlying social principles and developed the analytical tools in 1930's..

This method I'm using right now basically to reduce loss in my forex trading. One week before I'm learning this, one of my friend have achieve 1000% profit from forex. I was so jealous. haha.. Alright.. Time to get to work.. Till then.. Chao.. Salam..  

From R.N. Elliot's essay, "The Basis of the Wave Principle," source wiki.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Morning!

Salam.. Just a quick update.. Just few hours ago me and my buddy and my brother played badminton.. It was fun.. Even when me and my team mate lost with my brother but it was okay.. Maybe next time will try to beat them.. haha..

Next will be my training session with other team.. Hope so that next time will be more alert to hit the bird.. haha.. I heard rumors that one of the story in the cinema right now are more interesting.. Battleship if I'm not mistaken the name of the story.. Here's the trailer for the movie..

Anyone had watch this movie? Care to tell how worth is it to watch at the cinema? hihi.. Ok2.. Time to sleep right now.. Till then. Chao.. Happy Sunday! Salam..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sarawakiana Thursday

Salam. Pa kabar takrang ritok tek? Aritok pergi bekfes kat sebelah badminton world jalan satok sia ncerik mee kampua.. Rasanya nang mabeles lah.. Ehhh.. Lupak mok padah.. Ritok adalah entri dalam bahasa Sarawak.. hihi.. Apa makan pagi takrang ritok tek?

Rimarek aku ada tayang gambar eskrem magnum.. Aku adalah salah seorang penggemar eskrem di dunia tok.. Elehh.. Macam lah orang lain sik makan.. haha.. Mun ekot eskrem ya boleh digunakan untuk mengubati batuk2 yang sedang2.. Mun dah batuk kedak nak ruboh rumah digalakkan ambik segelas aek suam dan minum madu 2 sudu besar..

Eskrem tok ada pelbagai jenis dan pelbagai perisa.. Perkataan eskrem tok berasal dari bahasa english yang berbunyi ice cream yang ngembak maksud pencuci mulut yang disejuk bekukan.. Biasanya dipolah dengan mencampurkan produk tenusu antaranya adalah susu dan krim dan bahan2 lain seperti buah2an dan perisa.. Takrang boleh jumpa macam2 jenis eskrem yang ada d pasaran nektok.. Di lain2 negara eskrem mungkin membawa maksud yang berbeda.. Takrang boleh google sendiri la.. haha.. Ok.. Itu saja dari saya.. Sehingga ketemu lagi. Ecehhh. Pengaruh cerita Hafalan Shalat Delisa.. haha.. Chao. Salam..

Eskrem Cone.. Nyum2...

Cherry eskrem.. Yummeeehhh...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Makan, Tidur, Main Badminton

Salam.. Good morning people.. This is auto publish post.. Right now I'm in my deep sleep.. haha.. Sorry for the late update.. Last night had a great game with my friend.. Finally I got the rhythm to make a smash.. Too late for me right.. haha.. 

Maybe it just a little bit late but I'm so proud of myself.. :D So how about tomorrow.. Anybody wants to play badminton? Kuching bloggers are all invited.. Just to have some fun rite.. Wednesday will be a public holiday so it should be no problem.. How about it?

Alrite.. Anybody interested can come to the Stapok Arena.. Any question can write down on the comment box below.. Till then.. Chao.. Salam..

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Mooooooooonnnn...

Salam.. Morning everyone.. Last night was a great game.. Had some fun in the game.. I don't think I can be a professional player but sure I can beat other's.. haha.. Maybe my team mates are still young and have more energy than me.. But we still win till the fourth game.. 

Anyway, anybody's seeing the full moon last night? The moon is so beautiful with big round shape up's there.. Soon will be the king tide season.. Where the water from the sea will fall and raise.. On this day the tide will be double as before and fall double than normal state.. This was caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the earth..

In certain area we can see the tidal bore raise rapidly in the early morning and before the sun set.. Because of that, when u are travelling by small boat you are most likely to have less energy to paddle your boat to the other direction because it will be easier.. Exactly near to the coastline.. 

In Sarawak you can see the tidal bore at Sri Aman eventually.. They will be a carnival and some sort of entertainment when the season have come.. The last time I went to see the fiesta upon the tidal bore at Sri Aman was last 2 years ago.. It was awesome when the tidal bore come and immediately the water level at the river will rise double as before.. Its like watching some painting over a vast canvas.. The art and the beauty of it attracts more tourist to come Sri Aman every year..

Now I'm promoting Sri Aman.. haha.. Alright. Enough said.. Go and see for yourselves. It will be a good experience.. Till then now.. Any question write in the comment box.. If you like this entry care to +1 google it.. :D Chao.. Happy Saturday and Salam..     

Auuuuuuuu...!! Wolf...! wolf...!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hari Jumaat

Salam.. Sorry for the late update.. Just finish checking the price for rollerblade.. hehe. Maybe we could have some time to play it on weekends.. Nahhh.. Maybe when I got more money to spend then I will buy one.. haha..

Today is a public holiday for Sarawak and Sabah.. Before I forgot, happy good friday.. Not much to do in this day. Just wandering around at pasar looking for some ideas and to relax.. Kuching is a small place maaa.. Maybe tonight will play badminton to get rid of the unwanted fat..

Next month will be my ++th birthday.. Weee.. Another year have come.. haha.. Still single. huhu.. Its ok for me.. Just a slight cry me a river in my heart.. haha.. Feel sad la.. Ok then.. Got to get ready to play badminton.. Till then.. Chao.. Salam...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sarawakiana Thursday 05 / 04

Salam.. Pa kabar takrang ritok tek? Harap semuanya baik2 sahaja.. :D Ritok mok kakar sarawak aaaa.. Kedong tajuk post ritok Sarawakiana Thursday.. haha.. Sak jak tiap minggu polah.. Pada sesiapa yang sik faham kelakar Sarawak boleh tanyak lam kotak komen..

Dimulakan hari dengan senyuman ari marek aku ngn kawan aku lepas men rollerblade singgah kejap di MekDI.. Lamak dah sik melantak kat sia.. Sampei2 kat MekDi tun jugah dah nampak apa menu nak dimaok tek.. Selang beberapa minit lepas ya turn aku ngn kawan aku order.. P yalah kebiasaan tek nak bila sampei kat kaunter tiba2 order menu lain dari nak apa dimaok asalnya.. Mula2 tek bukan men mok order ayam goreng MekDi sebab jarang nak makan menu ya.. Bila sampei kat kaunter mulut dengan selamba ngorder double cheeseburger.. haha..

Aku pun sik tauk kenak.. Nang tauk ada masalah kedak ya.. Bukan main gik kelakar madah nak ambik menu ayam goreng MekDI.. Lepas sampei ke kaunter nang alu bertukar.. Mok tanyak, takrang ada sik masalah kedak ya? Adakah aku jak yang ada masalah kedak ya.. Sila lah kongsi bersama.. Ok lah.. Ya jak asanya cerita untuk ritok.. Mun takrang suka apa yang aku tulis tok silalah klik +1 google.. Ada komen2 yang bernas boleh la tulis lam kotak komen.. Mun mok bertanyak pun buleh juak.. InsyaAllah aku akan cuba jawap.. Sekian dolok untuk ritok.. Chao.. Salam. 

Aaaa.. Kejut ktk tek baby?! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Long Lost Memory

Salam.. Sorry for the late update.. Just came back from King Centre.. Me and my friend went to roller skating for one hour of dumbness.. haha.. Not that I'm not used to it but just as I remembered the last time was 15 years ago where my balancing mode are good enough back then.. haha..

Tonight I'm very very very very proud of myself because I still can play those thing.. haha.. My friend just lost balance and slip down butt first.. haha.. Sorry my friend.. I win u loss.. *hope he didn't read this*..

Maybe next time will buy myself my own roller blade and practice more.. Someday it will.. For those who wants to enjoy themselves with roller skate can come to King Centre at Simpang Tiga here.. The rate for one hour play is just rm10 exclude stockings.. 

Thats all from me now.. Till then ya.. Chao.. Salam.. 

Nice color ehh.