Saturday, March 31, 2012

Salam.. Tonight I will fight in the badminton court.. Let see who's terer.. haha.. Just bought some new indoor shoes.. Gold color and got power cushion.. hihi.. I like it.. So, what u all doing at this night.. Care to share with me.. Till then now.. Chao.. Salam...

Hope I can win the game. Wish for me guys. :D

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarawakiana Thursday 3 / 29

Salam.. Selamat pagi semua.. Entry pagi ari tok berkenaan dengan entry wordless Wednesday yang aku siarkan ari marek.. Sesiapa yang lom tgk apa yang aku post arimarek boleh klik SITOK..

Banyak boleh dilihat mun dikampung2 orang sikkan nak pakei helmet bila menunggang tosikal.. Mungkin sidak sik sedar pakei helmet boleh menyelamatkan sedikit sebanyak keselamatan sidaknya mpun.. Ataupun sidak mok nampak cool jak bila angin berhembus laju kat rambut sidaknya. haha.. Apa2 pun utamakan keselamatan..

Contoh helmet yang aku berik mungkin terlalu canggih tapi boleh pakei.. Mun asa canggih gilak boleh pakei helmet kedak dalam gambar dibah tok..

Helmet semangka ya nang stail la.

So, itu sahaja untuk entry harini.. Utamakan keselamatan.. Chao.. Salam..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kiss The Rain

Salam... Happy Tuesday! Just wanna share something cool..

The name of this song is Kiss The Rain.. If you want to kiss the rain follow this simple step..

1- Pause this song
2- Go to google and search Rainy mood
3- Click on the first site
4- Back to this music and press play
5- EnjoY ^_^

Thats all from me.. Thanks for visiting.. Chao then.. Salam..

Bakso Chicken

Salam.. Sorry for the late update.. Kelmarin nak buat entri tapi tak sempat dah.. Sekarang nie tengah busy untuk mempreparekan diri untuk interview kali ke berapa entah.. Banyak sangat dah turun interview.. Wasehhh..

Last night after Isya' prayer, one of my dad's best friend call. He told us to come to their house to have some dinner. We went there and we got some Bakso Ayam for dinner. It was delicious. The soup gravy was marvelous. The Bakso was served with chillies soy sauce. Perghhhhh... Pedas gilerrrrrrrrr... haha..

I don't know where the origin of the food. But thanks to the creator. It was my top ten list of my food. haha.. So, how about you guys? How was your dinner last night? Tell me in the comment box. I got to go now. Ready to get to work. Chao then. Salam..

The bakso's look like this but it serve with shredded chicken meat. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weeeeeeeeeeee.... I'm Single.

Salam Jumaat.. This is auto publish post.. Now I'm officially single.. No string attached.. Mmm.. I'm not sad nor happy at this time. Feeling guilty is not the right answer.. Maybe it was the best for me after all.. Thank you for reminding me.. Thank you for everything.. Thank you for the support..

Like wise man said, nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Till then.. Salam Jumaat for the muslim.. Salam sejahtera untuk semua.. Thanks for reading.. Till then.. Chao.. Salam..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Gifts

Salam.. Pa kabar takrang ritok tek? Harap semua sihat2 hendaknya.. Ritok entri dalam bahasa Sarawak.. hihi.. Sebab entri ritok dalam bahasa Sarawak kerna mok mempromosikan bahasa Sarawak yang indah dan permai.. Haha..

Sebenarnya kan, entri lam bahasa sarawak tok aku ambik dari cgek blog yang mempromosikan bahasa Sarawak secara benar.. Bukan kedak blog aku tok yang men entam kromo jak.. haha.. Bagi pembaca yang tidak faham bahasa sarawak boleh bertanya dengan aku mpun.. Mungkin aku boleh jawap sikit2 jak pertanyaan takrang.. 

Ok. Ritok mok cerita pasal gambar wordless wednesday yang aku post rimarek.. Sebenarnya ada kaitan juak dengan baju.. Hari selasa yang lepas aku ada terimak parcel dari sebuah company tosikal.. Aku pun sik jangka juak pada mulanya tapi bila bukak bungkusan ya tek dalamnya tersemat kemas cgek baju kaler merah.. Hepi ada jak asa time ya.. Dah la baju ya kaler feveret.. Sori sekda gambar mok show ngn takrang..

Nway, company ya sebenarnya promosi motosikal Ducati Monster 795 yang baru2 dilancarkan bulan Disember tahun yang lepas.. Masa ya ada promosi dipolah d Borneo.. Sidak ada polah Jelajah Seluruh Borneo.. Acara ya berlangsung kat MD Motors mun sik silap la.. Pertunjukan motosikal Ducati ya dipolah kat Merdeka Palace Hotel.. Tapi aku mpun sekda pergi time ya.. hihi.. Asanya ya jaklah dolok entri untuk ritok.. Mun takrang ada persoalan boleh tanyak kat kotak komen.. Mok rehat kejap gik lepas blogwalking secara pukal kejap gik.. haha.. Adios.. Chao.. Salam..

Valentino Rossi time pelancaran Ducati Monster 795 di kuala lumpur.

One of the rider ada pakei baju yang aku terimak sebagai hadiah dari sidak. Baju kaler merah. :D

Monday, March 19, 2012

Where The Money Lies!!!

Salam, Today I like to share something interesting that involving MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY...hahahhaha..This is the idea that I like to share with you all.

Last week I meet my successful forex trader friend.Why I called him successful or power giler because he can make usd10 to usd 100 per week( equivalent  1000% profit) for straight 20 week. His ratio of winning is 9/10..First time when I see his trade I always said that he are so lucky maybe beginner's luck but after 20 week.. hmm.. 

So I decided to learn from him but not as power as him.. So I got and idea.. Maybe this is our opportunity to earn some money.. So I discuss with him to trade my money.. First, he reject my request because he's afraid to risk of losing my money... In Forex anything can happen...

Finally he agreed to trade for me but only USD10 for starting and another USD12 for the fee.. With his track record he suggest that what ever profit that he manage to make in one month will be mine.. I feel so lucky...

What can i see here we agreed to make at least :

USD10 --->USD100 (1 month)   = RM38 -->RM380( sebulan)

+ fee Usd12..(service fee)

But overall he want RM80 for starting... It is ok with me 

This remind me of HYIP era... Do you all remember Swiss Cash? AB Fund? EA index That offer us 100% percapital per month... This is much more better than that...Why? Because the percentage is not fixed..maybe it can be 100% or could be 1000%. 

So, how about you guys? Are you interested enough to make more money from this? I'm not that persuasive guy but I can assured you that this thing is the real deal. Only pro's can do this much of profit. Again, for this much of profit he only trade for USD 10. Other player would cost you about USD 100 - USD 1000 for starting but this.. How am I got to say it. It is cheap! 

This is what I think. Hopefully he can make this happen for me. hehehee..

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quick Start

Salam.. Morning people.. Happy Sunday for all.. Not much to say in this entry.. Just another day. Normal day for me.. I hope I can make it more interesting day for me. How about you all? Hope u all had a great day..

Tomorrow or this night will got new entry from this humble blog of mine.. Till then I'll leave u all with this music video from The Bird and The Bee..

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sarawakiana Thursday 3 / 15

Salam.. Ritok adalah entry menggunakan bahasa Sarawak.. Lamak dah sik nulis lam bahasa sarawak ehhss.. Rasa bertahun jak.. Waima sekda update.. Nang asa lamak menar dah.. haha.. 

Apa polah takrang ritok tek? Di kuching nang ujan seranto la pagi tek.. Sejuk yang amat.. brrrr... Bekfes pagi tok tek dengan ruti gardenia cecah aek teh.. Aku sik tauk la orang lain pernah polah tapi bagi aku rasanya sedap lah.. :D

Berkenaan dengan entri wordless wednesday marek adalah berkaitan dengan donut.. Sekiranya aku ada rezki lebih aku mungkin akan bukak sigek kedei donut dan bakery.. InsyaAllah.. Pernah jumpa cgek kedei donut yang kat US nun polah macam2 jenis donut dan macam2 juak perisa untuk donut ya.. Nang mabeles jak upanya.. 

Tok cuma impian jak la.. Mun jadi alhamdulillah.. Doakan jak untuk aku terus sukses.. Orite.. Sekda apa gik mok dicerita.. Jom layan lagu hindustan time2 sejuk kedak tok.. Imbau kembali zaman cerita hindustan gik glemer2 lok marek.. Chao.. Salam...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Go Go Smashing Power

Salam.. Hola! Aaaaaa... What's up!? Me? Just doing fine maa.. haha.. Ok.. Nothing to report about for today.. Just to update this cikai blog of mine.. hihi..

So, for today's lesson we learn about how make forehand smash in badminton.. First you take a racquet's and smash your opponent in the head.. Exactly at the fore head.. haha.. Just kidding.. Serious one.. For the real one you got to lean your body into vertical position from the back line of the court. The stance should be wide open. Use the other hands to aim the bird (shuttle) and make a hit. It quite simple but if you don't practice, the bird will be going sideway or just go up again. This reminder goes to me as well.. haha..

Enough said.. Just watch the video and you will see how the real forehand smash are done by professional. This week I got 2 games to go.. So, better practice from now.. Till then.. Chao.. Salam.. 

p.s. Malam ria kalah oleh adik dikpun.. huhu. Sikmok kalah gik eh untuk minggu tok.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad Luck

Salam..  Finally the great Datuk Lee Chong Wei cannot finish the final round for Yonex All England.. Feel pity.. Lee Chong Wei should use minyak lintah for shoulder injury.. hihi.. Never mind.. The next will be the Olympic Games.. Thats all from me rite now.. Tired already after 3 hours game of badminton at Winner Court.. Till then.. Last but not least I present a video clip where Lin Dan sing a song for his fans.. This year after the Olympics Games he will be retired.. Just a nice song for me that don't understand Chinese language.. Alright.. Chao.. Salam.. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sarawakiana Thursday 03/08

Salam.. Ritok entry untuk Sarawakiana Thursday.. So, bahasa sarawak la ritok.. hihi.. Lamak dah sik nulis dalam bahasa sarawak koh.. haha..

Ok.. Pa nak dicerita ritok? Sik banyak nak dicerita tapi sebenarnya banyak.. Nang kaki poret la. Haha.. Ok.. Nak pertama sekali aku nak padah pasal gambar wordless Wednesday yang aku post marek.. Gambar ya adalah salah satu impian juak nak molah bilit dikpun jadi white room.. Aku rasa bila polah bilit kaler putih abis kompom asa lebih selesa dan lebih banyak idea mungkin keluar sekali.. haha..

Ada yang komen padah mun ada bilit kedak tok susah mok bangun untuk sembahyang Subuh.. Ada juak madah gambar ya untuk berbulan madu.. Apa2 pun setiap dari kita ada idea dan cara masing2 untuk mengatasi masalah.. Setiap yang senang pasti ada yang susah dan setiap yang susah pasti ada yang senang.. 

Oklah.. Cukup dolok cerita aku untuk ritok.. Kejap gik asanya nak berjalan blog untuk baca entry kengkawan yang aku lom baca.. Sehingga berjumpa gik sekali.. Adios.. Salam.. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Business Partner

Salam.. Morning! Mengantuk ehh pagi tok.. Kejap gik mok turun keja.. Asa lamak dah kerja maka jak baruk seminggu.. Haha.. Pa polah takrang ritok tek? Ada yang tgh makan2 ka? Jangan lupak basuh tangan.. Keep clean and tidy maa.. 

Just yesterday I got to meet new people.. Sangat ramah mesra.. Mungkin faktor usia kot.. haha.. We talked about business.. She's into business with my friend.. Doing some research about chili's fertigation system.. 

I'm so excited because she's really into it.. Again.. Maybe its the age factor.. haha.. In the car we talked about our experience in doing the chili's crops. I got to know her to learn from the hard way because she need to work for the knowledge about this fertigation system.. But it was worth it she said so.. I respect it.. 

So, after long hour of talking we finally exchange phone number to keep in touch.. Thats all.. Maybe next time we will be business partner.. haha.. InsyaAllah.. Thanks for the new info.. Alrite.. Thats all for the new entry today.. Hope u all had a great day today.. Till then.. Chao.. Salam... 

M is my name. This is my business card. haha..

Monday, March 5, 2012

Round and Round and Round......

Salam.. Monday is the day.. I'm on my off day.. haha.. Greeting for new follower.. Sorry for the late update.. I've found a new hobby.. Really worth it for me la.. Not for other person.. haha.. 

For today I've look at this beautiful bike from the shop.. Maybe its look like I'm too young for this thing but I doubt it so many people are looking the exact same taste as mine. haha.. So the thing is this bike got a nice looking body and the color are the best I've seen.. 

For further info I give u all this....

Momos Madass.

Engine Type                   125cc, 4 Stroke, Air cooled
Bore * Stroke                 52.4*55.5 mm
Displacement                  119.7 cc
Compression Ratio          9.3:01
Carburettor                     1*T.K. Slider Carburettor
Engine Power                  6.0 kW @ 8400 rpm
Maximum Torque            9.0 Nm @ 5400 rpm
Gearbox                          4-Speed Manual
Ignition                            CDI
Starting System                Electric w/- Backup Kick starter
Seating Capacity              2
Brakes (Front & Rear)     Disc Brake
Tire (Front)                      90/90-16
Tire (Rear)                       120/80-16
Dry Weight                      100 kg
Dimension (L*W*H)        1840mm*760mm*1035mm
Wheelbase                       1235mm
Seat Height                      835mm
Tank Capacity                 5.1 liter
Color                              Black, White, Red or Yellow

This cool looking bike are awesome. The technology are from Germany.. Aaaa.. I really want this bike.. Who are good enough to donate this bike for me? haha.. Ok.. Thats all from me now.. Below are some picture showing what this bike can be look like.. hihi.. Thanks for reading.. Adios.. Chao.. Salam...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Goon

Salam.. Hola people! What a great day today.. Finished up my movie marathon for today.. Just one movie only.. haha...

The Goon is the name of the movie.. Its humor and the fight scene are the best.. Great movie. Seann William Scott as Doug Glatt a simpleminded Boston bouncer that ended up as a hockey player.. Can you imagine that some bouncer from some pub being a hockey player.. It would be a chaotic when it comes to ice enforcer.. 

It was so tough and rough out there when he gets into a fight in a match.. But of course the hero will win. What I'm trying to say is when bouncer become a hockey player it will be very exciting because he can fight and withstand the blow he gets.. Before he can play ice hockey, Doug only know about nothing.. He is as stupid as he was.. The parents want him to become successful eligible person because his brother is gay.. 

Ok2.. Enough of the review.. Better you all watch it for yourselves.. Nice movie.. An epic movie.. I give 7 out of 10 to this movie.. Thanks for reading.. I hope you all had a great day today.. See you all tomorrow with new entry.. hihi.. Thanks again.. Love you all.. Chao.. Salam..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Jobs

Salam.. Morning people! Its so cold this morning.. I got running nose. Doesn't matter.. What are you people are up to today? Me, I got to learn how to string a racquet's today..

I'm in a rush rite now.. Next time I will tell you all about it.. Please enjoy the songs Matahari from Know No.. Till then.. Chao.. Salam...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Moments

There’s a moment
I close my eyes
And hope everything is gonna be ok, on the next day

There’s a moment
I close my eyes
And hope I won’t be able to see, fade away forever

There’s a moment
I close my eyes
And hope that I could turn back time when I open my eyes

And there’s always a moment
I close my eyes
And I pray to HIM, for everything HE have gave me

That moment
Comes when the road is empty
When you have nobody in real life to share the story with
And again that moment with HIM
You tend to forget
When you smile & when there’s a shoulder to cry on
That’s the reality
For some of you, me myself and I

p.s. This is Exchange Entry.. For my entry you can visit this SITE.. For more info about Exchange Project you can click this SITE..

p.s.s. Tenet di rumah nang kedak tekoyong ritok.