Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memori Daun Pisang

Salam.. Hai guys and gegirl! Just wanna share something interesting.. The match was interesting cause the player had to change the used birdie and take a new one on the side of the court by themselves.. They have to bring their own shuttlecocks. Then the shorts.. I think no players today want to use those.. haha..

Rudy Hartono was the best player at that time.. 7th consecutive All England is a very difficult to duplicate. Ok then.. Just enjoy the short video.. Till then now.. Chao. Salam..


Marya Yusof said...

Hola Mir!

Good Night! Sleep tight! Sweet dream!

Badminton players always alto & flaco! hehehe :)))

alto = tall

Flaco = slim

azurachan said...

Sapa nama pemain indon nak kecik and pendek jaman dak Misbun lok? Wuuh... ya nang terer dolok owh...

Gen2Merah said...

wahh, imbauan yang penuh dengan kenangan.... i like badminton

ch000tz axoera ヅ said...

memorabilia kann