Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get Well Enough

Salam.. Sorry for the long lost update.. haha.. Today i got chance to write down on this blog because I'm on my off day today.. hihi..

So how's ur guys doing? Last week was a very tired some.. I got my flu and fever.. Never been very so bad before.. Had to sleep on 12 hours a day to recover back the energy.. Fuhh.. What a week.. Take some medicine still cannot encounter the fever in 3 days.. 

Surprisingly when I got those sickness, my friend and my brother got also sick.. So, therefore we 3 got to fight the sickness together.. haha..

In Islam it said that when we got some sickness it cause to eliminate the small sin that we've done.. InsyaAllah.. Thanks god after the fourth day I recover from it. So, hope u guys out there are doing well.. Get more exercise and drinks a lot of drinking water.. Thats all for my update right now.. Till then now.. Happy Deepavali! Ciao.. Salam..

Dont forget to drinks a lot of clear water..

Selamat Menyambut Hari Cahaya!