Monday, October 1, 2012

Beautiful Day To Begin With

Salam.. Morning to all.. The sun still shine in the morning.. The haze still clouding at Kuching.. Me myself still piss off about Bimmers staff of doing their job.. What a day.. haha.. 

Yesterday I met someone special.. After a few months of no contact we finally meet again my dear.. 

All the time when with you I still felt the same way as before this.. All the time I want to tell you so much story.. All the time I want to say that you are my dearest.. All the time I want to hug and kiss you.. 

What a beautiful day to end a September.. All right then.. I've no idea what to say next. haha.. Getting ready to go to work.. Till then now.. Ciao.. Muahmuahmuahhhssssssssssssssssss..... Sayang awak semua.. Salam...

SenQ oh SenQ...

The trusted brand.. haha..

1 comment:

eVa said...

eyh sapa? haha.. poret lok ahhhaha