Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Working Outs

Salam.. Howdie people.. So hot today.. I'm wearing only my pants right now.. Like to jump into a river to cool down right now.. hoho.. 

For last entry I've mentioned about reducing weight for myself.. Seriously I need those exercise that can make me more tough and macho.. haha.. Nope, only for my health.. Not more than that.. If that can happen it will be a bonus to me.. *smile*

One of the blogger are joining me in this program to make a healthier life.. Maybe we will update our progress once a week.. If you want to join the fun feel free to do so.. Below is the chart for me to start tomorrow..

Simple is it?!

Next thing is my exercise.. It will be a simple set of workouts using only floor mat.. Just to lean back from hard solid floor.. Orite.. Thats all from me rite now.. So, it will be a challenge to me to do so.. Fuhh.. Feel nervous already.. haha.. Till then.. Tonight will play badminton with my friend.. Chao.. Salam...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

70 Days Challenge Can You Do It?

Salam.. Hola people.. How's your day? Mine so great.. Last night was a blast.. Played badminton after long week of busyness.. Had a great game play with my nephew.. He's so good but I'm not bad enough.. Chewaahhhh.. haha..

Rite.. Just found this video about reducing weight in just 70 days.. For me it's just ridiculous to reduce some weight in just 70 days without any pills, powders, protein bars, vitamins, supplements and no "extreme" home workouts DVD's..  Just proper training and real nutrition.. This is what he just said in the video. I found it interesting.. Lets check it out..

So, after watching this video I was amazed and found it interesting.. Why not I try it on my own.. Hmmm.. Seem simple.. How about you guys out there.. If you find this interesting then tell me in the comment section.. If you like what am I post you can click +1 google.. Now my weight is about 74kg.. But my BMI's show me that I'm still in obesities level.. Should I try this? Tell me.. Thats all for now.. Thanks for reading.. Happy Sunday.. Smile always.. Stay cute and healthy.. Chao.. Salam..

Friday, January 27, 2012

Game Tag Versi 2012

Salam.. Still raining outside.. Brrrr.. Good time to sleep eh?! haha.. Nway, how are u all today? Hope are doing great.. So, todays entry is about random question that have been given to me by Miss Marya Yusof.. Tag question actually.. I got nothing to do right now so I will answer the question.. haha..

Before that just a quick review about rules and regulation.. Scroll below..

Click for more info..

The question above and below it is my answer :

1) Nama penuh please....?
Bond... James Bond.. U can call me Bond.. *kidding*

2) Tarikh Lahir?
14 May 19......

3) Cita-cita semasa kecil?
Want to be a soldier..

4) Favorite hero semasa kecil?
Ultraman. Obvious is it.. haha.. 

5) Minuman kegemaran?
Mmm.. Eurycoma Longifolia with milk and sugar.. Serve hot..

6) Rancangan TV kegemaran?
Sports channel, Discovery channel, History channel, AXN, HBO, Fox Movie, Travel n Living, Asian Food Channel.. So many actually.. This just I could remember...

7) Nama orang yang paling unik pernah jumpa?
Bawang anak Lalang. Live at Bau area..

8) Pendapat tentang orang Negeri Sembilan?
Seriously I've never met any NS people.. Maybe they are the same as Sarawakian.. Like to eat spicy food..

9) First impression tentang blog Marya Yusof?
Full of food pictures and also flowers.. Pink blog color.. No doubt that the blog is a she.. haha.. The very best thing about this blog is that the entry she made shows how to live in the foreign country that she live on.. For me its quite a challenge.. Especially in communicating with other in Spanish.. Me myself only knew a few Spanish words.. 

10) First thing yang dibuat sebelum tidur malam?
Drink a glass of plain water..

11) Kalau jadi PM (Perdana Menteri) apa perkara pertaman yang nak buat pada negara Malaysia?
Trick question.. My answer is that when I've been choosen to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia is give one day off to all the people for celebrating me as a Prime Minister.. Can I? haha..

For those that have been tag, you have to answer all this question ...

1) What your favorite animal?
2) Best actor/actress 2012?
3) What is your fathers name?
4) Single or Married?
5) Doraemon or Dragon Ball?
6) Is it true if you got green eyes you can turn into Incredible Hulk?
7) Twist your tongue right now and pronounce apple.
8) What's your opinion about Maharaja Lawak television series?
9) First impression about BMW cars?
10) Your favorite air-condition brand?
11) Who is most famous, Genghis Khan or Amir Khan?

Thats the question from me.. Actually for this tag I don't want to tag anyone.. For any volunteers you can do this at your own.. Much appreciated.. Thats all from me now.. Till then.. Happy weekend.. Thanks Cik Marya.. Ciao.. Salam..     

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sarawakiana Thursday

Salam.. Pa kabar takrang ritok tek? Harap semuanya sihat2.. Alhamdulillah.. Aku kat ctok ok jak.. haha.. Skema ada jak bunyi ayat ya.. Okeh.. Mok cerita pasal apa ooo.. Mmm...

Mmmmmm... Okeh.. Dalam minggu tok tek aku cuba nak molah laman sesawang untuk operasi memperkenalkan produk berkenaan dengan forex.. Sesiapa yang lom tauk ngan forex ya boleh klik SITOK.. Sebenarnya tok adalah kerjasama aku dengan memberku.. Banyak juak site yang menyediakan laman sesawang yang percuma untuk takrang polah samada untuk berniaga secara maya ataupun cuma untuk mempromosikan dirik takrang di alam maya tok..

Antara contoh laman sesawang yang berik takrang kelebihan untuk membina dan mendaftarkan laman sesawang takrang boleh klik SITOK.. Takrang boleh reka sendiri rupa bentuk laman sesawang ya dengan bantuan peralatan yang senang dan mudah untuk dipakei... Senang jak pakeinya.. Siap ada tutorial gik ya.. hihi.. Bila takrang dah puas hati dengan hasil kerja, takrang buleh daftar terus domain yang takrang maok dengan kompeni ya tek.. Tok aku cerita cuma kompeni yang aku pakei.. Ada banyak lagi kompeni lain yang menyediakan kemudahan kedak ya.. Bergantung dengan bajet takrang juak la.. Sebab apa bergantung dengan bajet, sebabnya untuk memiliki domain sendiri perlu didaftarkan dahulu untuk mengelakkan dari nama domain takrang diambik sidak lain.. Selain daripada ya domain takrang akan dilindungi keselamatan dari kenak ceroboh...

Banyak gik kelebihan lain sekiranya takrang mendaftar domain yang sah.. Bukanlah aku nak promote cuma tok adalah kenyataan.. Menggunakan domain yang tidak berbayar bergantung kepada pihak yang membuatnya.. Mun sidak pun keselamatan aho2 jadi aho2 juaklah keselamatan laman sesawang takrang.. haha.. Ok2. Asanya cukuplah dolok pengenalan pasal tok.. Mun ada salah dan silap boleh la takrang berik komen yang bernas dalam kotak komen.. Majulah sukan untuk negara.. Ciao.. Wassalam..

www.adomalam.com << ado sik nyo?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sourblock SamBut 1st AnnIversary

Salam.. Howa was your day today?! Fine? Hope it will better than tomorrow.. hihi.. So, todays entry I will review a blog.. For another reason I want to do this review is that this blog owners want to giveaway a prize for reviewing his blog.. Trying my luck to win this... haha..

So, this blog called as Sourblock.. Maybe he likes something sour or just he likes "asam" so much haha.. Kidding.. Don't know exactly what's the reason.. But mainly in this blog you can find some info about weird things that goes round the globe.. This is the place.. Not that really weirds but some of it.. Its unique and very interesting.. For the writing, I give an A+.. Language is in Bahasa Malaysia.. Don't worry.. The writer knows what to write.. *puji kena lebih* haha..  Orite.. Thats all from me.. So, anyone want to know more just click SITOK.. Owhh.. Before I forget, this giveaway required you all to paste this banner..

Nice touch.. :D

So thats it.. After that you all just send your entry's URL and emailed to khaidin91@yahoo.com.my. Must noted that you give your personal phone number and telco that you're using right now for him to spying on you.. haha.. Just kidding.. For him to contact you about the winner only.. Serious.. So, for the girls don't worry.. He'll never bite you unless you want to be bitten.. haha.. *influence from television*.. 

Closing date for this giveaway is on 1st February.. Ok.. Done already.. Come and join this giveaway.. Show's some support.. Thanks for reading this blog also and wish I can win the prizes.. haha.. *cross finger* For any inquiry just log in to this SITE.. Thats all from now.. Till then.. Ciao.. Salam...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello Saturday!

Salam.. Gud morning all.. Sorry for the previous skeeeeema entry.. I know it sound weird when it comes to writing in Bahasa Melayu.. Feel awkward because.. Ahhhhh.. Never mind.. So, what are you people up to in this Saturday? 

Lazy morning I guest rite now.. haha.. Last night I had a great game with my friend.. But I'm a bit disappointed because they came late.. Whats wrong with you guys? Do you always do this? haha.. Enough said.. So, it was quite an interesting match.. I got to beat them in 2 rounds match.. hihi.. Moral of the story, don't act like a superstar.. haha...  

So many things had happened in this early time of year.. I've got so many things to do and there's not much time to do writing in this blog.. Sorry blogs, for abandoning you in this few weeks.. Tomorrow will be my cousin weddings.. She's my cute cousin from Kampung Meranek.. Don't know where is Kampung Meranek you can click SITOK. Long lost cousin.. Actually it just nearly 6 years I've never seen my cousin.. The last day we've met just when she went into secondary school.. Feel old already.. haha.. 

Tomorrow also will be a big day for the Chinese all over the world to celebrate the Spring Festival also known as Chinese New Year.. The year of a dragon.. For my Chinese friend, happy Chinese new year.. Wish all the best and healthy life..  Any of you want to give me Ang Pow?! haha..

So, thats all for my story.. Really appreciate for reading this blog.. Till then.. Ciao.. Salam.. 

Problem Inside

Salam Jumaat untuk semua.. Ritok cuba nak molah entry lam bahasa melayu baku.. Harap2 takrang faham.. hihi.. Ok.. 

Hari nie nak cerita tentang hempedu.. Banyak juga yang bertanya kenapa aku letak gambar hempedu pada entri Rabu yang bisu.. haha.. *macam pelik jer terjemahan* Hempedu manusia berfungsi untuk mencerna lemak di dalam usus kecil.. Hempedu dihasilkan oleh hati manusia.. Biasanya hempedu akan mengecut apabila kita makan dan sebaliknya jika lepas makan..

Beberapa hari yang lepas aku pergi berjumpa dengan doktor dan hempedu aku mungkin bermasalah.. shisss... Sepatutnya aku dah periksa sebelumnya di Klinik 1 Malaysia tapi pembantu perubatan mengatakan aku cuma mengalami gastrik yang biasa.. Apa2pun langkah seterusnya aku mungkin akan pergi ke hospital untuk pemeriksaan lanjut.. 

Doakan yang terbaik untuk aku ya.. Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca entri ini.. Kejap lagi nak pergi mandi sebab baru balik dari bermain badminton.. hihi.. Sehingga bertemu di entri yang baru.. Ciao.. Salam..

Gambarajah penyakit yang berkaitan dengan hempedu. Menakutkan tak?!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long Time No Entry

Salam.. Its a very long time I had not write any new entry.. Sorry for that.. Just because I'm very busy right now.. *yerkerrrrrrrr*.. haha.. Today I just attend Green Card course for construction at CIDB Jalan Sultan Tengah.. Learn basics thing about health and safety at construction..

What I've learn about is what are the responsibilities when handling a machines or ourselves when working at the site.. Now,  I know whats the difference between hoarding and fences.. hihi.. When u are running a project site u should get permission to build hoarding from local district council not from your boss or from security..

That was some part that I've learn in that course.. Next thing, I will get my new skill in wiring.. Will attend another course.. hihi.. Orite.. Thats all rite now.. Till then.. Ohh.. Forget to tell.. The picture from wordless Wednesday is a gallbladder.. Should I write something about it? Tell me in comment box.. Till then.. Ciao.. Salam.. 

Example of hoarding.. U can use it as advertising tool..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012


Salam.. Finally Datuk Lee Chong Wei win the final match for Malaysia Open Super Series BWF.. Congrats to Datuk LCW.. For other result I only got this result..

Mens Single - LEE Chong Wei from Malaysia
Mens Double - FANG Chieh Min and LEE Sheng Mu from Chinese Taipei
Womens Single - WANG Yihan from China
Womens Double - 
Mixed Doubles - ZHANG Nan and ZHAO Yunlei from China

Congrats to the winner.. For womens double result I got no clue because I did not watch the match.. So, thats all.. For more info you can click this SITE.. Need some sleep rite now.. Nite2.. See you all tomorrow.. Sweet dreams.. Ciao.. Salam..

Malaysia supporters..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Badminton Match

Salam.. Aaa.. Feeling strange after long days of not making any entry in this blog.. haha.. Ok2.. Quick update.. Just want to share about this badminton match for Malaysia Open Super Series Tournament held at Bukit Jalil Stadium.. Just few more minutes it will start.. So, let's take a look at the schedule.. Click this SITE for more info..  Thats all for me rite now.. After the tournament I will make another entry.. Promise.. Thanks for reading.. Salam..

Hey Coach! Bila mau ajar saya skill smash maut?! haha..

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Internet Down

Salam.. Thank god the internet connection finally got.. So much to tell in this blog but TmNut cut down the line.. Grrrrrr.. Its ok.. Ujian dari yang Maha Esa.. Orite people.. Need some rest first.. Almost one day I don't get my sleep.. Tata titi tutu.. Nite2.. Salam..


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Datang Rajin Menjawap TAG

Salam.. Pa kabar takrang ritok tek? Semoga sihat2 hendaknya... Ok.. Ritok entry k bahasa Sarawak.. Warning! haha.. Bok pagi tadik aku dikejutkan dengan Umi.. Kenaknya mengejutkan aku adalah kerana aku telah ditag.. Wasehhh.. Macam dalam berita Hairan jak.. haha.. Oleh kerana rajin yang melampau ritok aku akan jawap tag yang diberik Umi ngn aku... Sapa yang lom kenal ngn Umi boleh klik kat namanya.. Orangnya kecik molek jak.. Bukan Umi Hafilda aaa.. Umi Hafilda ya banyak kontrobersi.. Umi tok kurang kontroversi tapi suka dengan KFC.. haha.. 

So, tag yang diberik simple jak.. Asanya dah pernah polah sebelum tok.. Nway, its ok.. Umi ada beri 10 soalan untuk dijawap dan aku perlu sediakan 10 lagi soalan untuk rakan2 lain.. Set.. Dibah tok soalan Umi yang beri dan serta dengan jawapan dari aku sendiri.. Enjoy the show.. hihi..

1 Banyak2 daun, daun apa cair dalam air?
- Daun sireh sebabnya cair bila dikunyah dengan air liur.. *asanya salah jak jawapan aku tok*

2. Kain apa berat di dunia?
- Kain batu belah batu bertangkup.. 

3. Air apa paling berani?
- Air liur sebabnya time kita berludah mesti muka nampak ganas..

4. Sungai apa tiada air?
- Sungai Lui nyanyian Aizat Amdan..

5. Kalau manusia jadi ikan, ikan jadi apa?
- Ikan jadi gembira sebab banyak kawan..

6. Banyak2 bus, bus apa bijak?
- Soalan tok macam pelik semacam jak.. Bustami.. Budak paling bijak dalam kelas 6 Jambu dan selalu turun sekolah nait bus sekolah.. haha..

7. Antara motorsikal dan kereta, mana lagi tua?
- Queen Elizabeth from England.. Sebelum WW1 dah ada time ya..

8. Macam mana nak beza ikan betina dan ikan jantan?
- Ikan jantan la.. Sebab jantan kan natural swimmer.. haha..

9. Banyak2 buah, buah apa timbul dalam air?
- Buah Dada?! haha..

10. Ikan apa ada ketiak?
- Ikan Duyung Pirates of The Carribean.. 

Fuhhh.. Berpeluh juak jiran sebelah makan kari kepala ikan sembilang jawap soklan berik ktk tok tek Umi.. haha.. Dibah tok kmk sediakan soalan untuk rakan2 blogger lain untuk jawapnya.. Soalan senang jerr.. 

1. Siapa yang masak kari kepala ikan sambil menyanyi lagu Lazy Song?
2. Kenapa kuman seberang sana tak nampak?
3. Memukul gendang mengeluarkan bunyi.. Kalau memukul kepala adakah mengeluarkan bunyi juga?
4. Kerana santan, pulut binasa. Adakah pulut akan membalas dendam?
5. Ada lori ada bas, berapa nombor bas nak pergi ke Matang Jaya?
6. Aaron Aziz memegang watak Malik.. Siapa yang memegang watak sebagai batu?
7. Apa makanan kegemaran siput sedut?
8. Adakah ikan emas sama dengan anak emas?
9. Mana pergi pisang emas yang Abu beli tadi?
10. Kalau kail panjang sejengkal, berapa jengkal untuk sampai ke Jengka Pahang dari KLCC?

Orite.. Siap sudah soalan.. Untuk tag blogger ya, terserah.. Sesiapa yang ingin jawap tag tok boleh la secara sukarela jawapnya.. Thanks for reading.. Thanks Umi sebab tag kmk.. Mok pergi men bedmenten lepas tok.. Ciao.. Salam..

Monday, January 9, 2012


Salam.. Today was a great day.. I manage to wake up early in the morning and feel healthy as before... InsyaAllah.. Rite.. Today the verdict for Datuk Anuar Ibrahim sodomy case have been held.. DSAI was not guilty.. Feel very happy about the news.. For so long this case was held and this time the truth been told... 

Orite.. Just found this video on Youtube.. For jokes only.. Smile.. Ciao.. Salam..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dash Yankuro

Salam... Evening.. Lamak dah sik update ehhhss.. Perut meragam dari ari marek.. Mbak g klinik dan disahkan ada gastrik... Waaa.. The medical assistant called it as a symptom only.. Not a case.. I got to take 1 tablet of vitamin B complex and antacid syrup.. 

Nway, today I want to share about Dash Yankuro where it is a small car with a motor.. Actually it is a small car but with fancy design.. Dash Yankuro is based on the popular manga comic strip about mini 4wd in tournament.. This manga series was created by Zaurus Tokuda and is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed manga in the genre of "Martial-Style Racer".. 

Those day where children are obsessed to modified there car to achieve high speed on the special made tracks for the cars.. I still remember that day where me and my brother buy a powerful dynamo motor.. If i'm not mistaken the price was about rm100 a piece.. The motor is very power but it drains out the battery quickly.. So, I decided to make our own motor.. It was fun.. I did it.. And it operates smoothly, less noise and less heat.. 

Those were the days.. haha.. Any of you out there knows about this, tell me your experience in the comment box.. Till then.. CIao.. Happy Sunday and Salam..

Comic strip.. 

Jenis dinamo yang ada untuk sedia pakai.

Custom made motor. Serius deras.. haha..

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pengisian Hari Jumaat

Salam.. How's ur day today!? Hope will be better than yesterday.. For today's entry I like to share a video asking about what is the hukum for using condoms.. Thanks for viewing.. Leave ur comment in comment box.. Salam...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Do You Think?

Salam.. Just a quick update.. So just you know that previous entry I've post a coca-cola poster.. Click SITOK to recall.. Some people don't know it's a coca cola poster.. Mmm.. Sorry for not showing it in big scale.. Back to the topic.. Just found this article about Coca-cola...

"Coca-Cola has been a supporter of Israel since 1966. There have even been a number of recent events to show their support.

In 1997, the Government of Israel Economic Mission honoured Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of Israel for the last 30 years and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel.
On October 11th 2001, where Coca-Cola World Headquarters hosted and was the main sponsor of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Eagle Star Awards Gala.
In February 2002, Coca-Cola teamed up with “Friends of Israel” and National Hillel to cosponsor a lecture given by the infamous ionist correspondent Linda Gradstein at the University of Minnesota. In July 2002, it was announced that Coca-Cola was to build a plant on stolen Palestinian land at Kiryat Gat, in return for millions in incentives from the Israeli government. The new plant will be employing 700 Israelis. The land, Kiryat (Qiryat) Gat, has an industrial park built on the lands of the village of Iraq Al Manshiya. The residents were ethnically cleansed in 1949 in contravention of International Law. This land would have been part of Arab Palestine under the partition plan adopted by the United Nations in 1947. However, this has not been the case."

This article are from this SITE.. What do you all think of it? Share your opinion in the comment box.. Thanks for reading.. Ciao.. Salam..

Wordless Wednesday On 2012

p.s. On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn’t need any description.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Berjual Buah Derian

Salam.. How are you people today?! Hope are doing fine.. Today was a great day.. Just finished playing badminton with my friend.. Hours ago I sell durians from Kampung Simunjan.. I dont know if durians from certain kampung are good or not.. For me durian is a smelly kind of fruit.. Some people might vomit from the smell of it..

Next week will sell some more of durians.. Weee... Smell of money.. haha.. Plan for next week is to find a great spot to sell it.. Maybe around Matang area or near Jalan Normah.. This season maybe the last of durians fruit from Kampung Simunjan.. If there's no more durians from Simunjan will go for another kampung to buy the durians.. haha..

Nowadays people are acting they don't eat durians.. It seem unnatural for me.. "Mat dan Siti Salleh pun makan" durians.. Seems to be that durians is another type of fruit of another space.. haha.. Anyways, I like durians.. I can finished up to 5 kilo of durians.. hihi.. Not that much.. Still I like durians.. 

Found some interesting facts about durians.. Durian belonging to the genus Durio and the Malvaceae family.. There are 30 recognized Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit.. Durio zibethinus is the only species available in the international market.. Other species are sold in their local regions.. Some people cultivars various species of durians to get a new breed of fruits that can fetch a higher price in the market.. So, now you know about durians.. Just a little info.. Want more info you can click SITOK. Nevertheless, durian are still king of fruit..

Aaa.. Feel tired already.. Time to sleep... Thanks for reading.. Till then people.. Ciao.. Salam..

Beware of the sharp thorn..

Aaa.. A pile of money.. haha..


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Entry Di Tahun Baru

Salam.. Dah masuk 1 haribulan 1 tahun 2012... How's ur day today? Hope are getting much prosperous and happiness.. Bok sekejap tek balit dari men bedmenten.. Lamak dah sik men bedmenten ehhh.. Badan asa lintuk2 jak bila mok sambut birdie.. 

Sekda apa gilak nak dicerita untuk entry kali tok cuma k menuh syarat aku dah memulakan entry untuk hari pertama pada tahun 2012.. hihi.. Apa gik mok tulis ooo?! Owhh.. Terima kasih untuk semua pengunjung blog Ting Tong Teko sik kira apa bangsa mahupun agama.. Thanks a lot for the support.. Kepada yang setia memberi komen terima kasih tidak terhingga.. Tanpa takrang, blog tok akan kesepian tanpa haluan.. Ecewahhh... Siapa2 pengunjung ataupun pengomen blog tok biarlah batu menjadi saksi, aku akan balas balit setiap kunjungan ataupun komen dari awak semua.. Macam pernah dengar sik ayat ya? haha... 

Nway, thank god I'm still alive n still got to chance make an entry for this blog.. Alhamdulillah.. For those yang singgah2 tanpa memberi komen aku berterima kasih juak sebab sudi singgah.. Blog aku tok sik disediakan dengan shoutbox ataupun widget lain untuk takrang tinggalkan jejak sebab aku lebih prefer orang beri komen dalam setiap entry.. Lagik satu blog ini menggunakan bahasa baku Sarawak dan English untuk setiap entry.. Jadi pada sesiapa yang tidak memahami harap takrang faham sedikit2 pun jadi juak.. Ok2.. Asanya cukuplah dolok entry untuk ritok.. Takrang layan lagu jak untuk aritok.. SAyang awak semua.. Salam..